A Note from The Kendrick Family.....

Forward to 2014......Dad's been gone now three years. Not a day goes by that we don't miss him! This blog was created to update you about his sickness, then his death, but now with our tribute to him. For 18 months we have been capturing and digitally recording our emotions and sincere desire to honor Dad. Yes, he has gone on the be with Jesus, but his love of music lives on in his family.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday: November 22

We went and saw an Oncologist here in Lompoc today and she gave us a bit more hope than we have received since dads visit with the VA Doctors the end of last month. She said she feels dads condition, his weakness and inability to carry a good conversation, is not due to the cancer but due to the ammonia levels currently in his body. She is having blood drawn tonight to see what the levels are exactly and then going to start him on a medicine called Lactulose to lower the ammonia in his body. According to the Doctor, dad should be feeling a bit better and not so weak. Of course, this is not a cure, but to help him feel better and give him a desire to fight for his life. On December 1st she is going to start him on a drip chemotherapy in her office. She understands that since the liver function is critical, he can only handle a very low dose of the chemo. She is thinking about 10% of what he would normally receive. The chemo probably won't make him feel the greatest, however, the Doctor didn't think it would make him feel any worse than he already does. He is currently having trouble with the left kidney draining so we are trying to get him in to see a Urologist in Santa Barbara to see what he feels is needed at this time. We continue to pray and believe God to work it all out. Dad was ready to get back in the bed as soon as we arrived home from the Doctor today, we told him we were going to sit him in the front room and feed him some more shakes...he just stuck his tongue out! :) We feel his spirits were lifted some today. He has been weary of feeling so bad and just knowing he could possibly get some relief, was good news.


  1. Our family is praying for Elder Kendrick! God is able and He is our help in a time of trouble. I'll never forget the message he preached at our church, it really had an impact on me. Continuing to pray...

  2. That is encouraging. Tell Uncle Randy and Deeta that we love them very much, and we are praying that God will give you all strength everyday. Love you all!

    The Mercer Family

  3. Glad for the good news. We are earnestly praying and believing God for Eld. Kendrick. I love you Elder.

    Bro. Joel Pace
    Dallas, TX

  4. I rejoiced to read this post. We love you.

    Bro. Connell