A Note from The Kendrick Family.....

Forward to 2014......Dad's been gone now three years. Not a day goes by that we don't miss him! This blog was created to update you about his sickness, then his death, but now with our tribute to him. For 18 months we have been capturing and digitally recording our emotions and sincere desire to honor Dad. Yes, he has gone on the be with Jesus, but his love of music lives on in his family.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday: November 26

We got a hospital bed for dad today, which will be much easier for mom to care for him in. He is dead weight and it has been a little challenging lifting him for drinks of water. Yes, he has still been drinking water and we even got him to drink a fruit smoothie last night.
A family in the church has a family member who was able to get an electric hospital bed for free for as long as we need it. (Thank You Parra family for being a blessing!!!)


  1. Kendrick Family,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It is very inspiring to see all of the family gathering around Elder Kendrick. May God strengthen and encourage you for the days ahead.

    Love Ya,

    Noe and Anna Trevino

  2. That is awesome he was able to drink a fruit smoothie - are you able to put shots of wheat grass juice in the smoothie? I'm sure you're putting as much vitamins in the smoothie as you can but wheat grass is amazing. God's natural healing remedy! :) Praying for all of you!!!!