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Forward to 2014......Dad's been gone now three years. Not a day goes by that we don't miss him! This blog was created to update you about his sickness, then his death, but now with our tribute to him. For 18 months we have been capturing and digitally recording our emotions and sincere desire to honor Dad. Yes, he has gone on the be with Jesus, but his love of music lives on in his family.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday: November 20th Update

It will be a week tomorrow that Dad came home from the hospital. He is still very weak and just resting a lot. His creatinine (kidney function) has improved slightly, however, the PSA numbers (prostate cancer count) has gone extremely high. Due to his weakened state, it is very difficult for him to communicate very well, thus the reason he is no longer excepting personal phone calls or texts. There have been numerous cards that have been sent to him and my mother is able to read them to him. This is the best way to communicate to him at this time. Majority of the liver has been taken over by cancer tumors and we have been trying to feed him foods that don't need to be processed too much by the liver. This is to keep the toxin levels down in his body and yet keep him from malnutrition. Due to his lack of appetite, he doesn't eat enough, but we get in him what we can. Mom is holding strong, thankful to a great God that gives her strength. We appreciate ALL the prayers and fasting. We know God is absolutely in control of everything, and in this we find strength and comfort. We will continue to update this blog daily or if there are any changes in dads condition. Dad has an appointment Tomorrow at 2PM. We will update after that.

Thank you,
Elder Kendrick's Family

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